Ibwave Design 9.0 Enterprise
Ibwave Design 9.0 Enterprise

The iBwave Design Version 9.0 Released

The iBwave Design Version 9.0 released




The highlighted features are:


Revamped User Interface for improved User Experience Support for 3D Antenna Patterns
Smart Antenna Contours
Flexible Mount Orientation
Support for Multiple Radios
New Cut out Exclusion Areas in Prediction Areas Consider Atriums in Prediction Calculations
Ring Cut of Fiber Strands to Span Across Floors
New Cable Route for Modeling Cable Trays and Pipes New Fiber Link Budget Report
New Custom Properties for Components

Other improvements


1) Improved User Experience
The new ribbon-based user interface enhances user experience and provides a customized Quick toolbar panel for frequently used buttons and icons.

Ibwave design 9.0
Ibwave design 9.0





Ibwave design 9.0
Ibwave design 9.0


Better support for LTE-Advanced

o 256 QAM
o MIMO 4X4

CBRS support (3.5 GHz


13) Reset Part ID
A new option to reserve a range of Part ID numbers per floor.
14) Support 256QAM modulation for LTE
Adjustment to LTE-Advanced technology.
15) True North Azimuth Angle included in report
Users can select which azimuth to export.
16) Generic Signal Source in Cross Reference Report











Ibwave Design 9.0 Enterprise
Ibwave Design 9.0 Enterprise









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