Ascom Tems Pocket Indoor Testing

Ascom’s product for conducting Network Testing Indoors consists of  “CONTROLER” and up to 6 “Agents”   The Role of so called Controller is handled with Samsung Tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE GT-8020 and the Role of  so called Agents is handled by various Test handsets.   Usually, Agent units are situated in Backpack which consists of harness and additional battery ...

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Anite Nemo Walker Air

Here is a short Video presentation of Anite Nemo Walker Air Solution presented by Mr. Shaun Desmond, regional Anite sales director. It is really sturdy looking Kit with safe harness for Test handsets.  

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F Carrier aggregation Test handset

This is a Network Testing handset operating on LTE (FDD) and UMTS. It is a Category 6 device supporting carrier aggregation. Large display and pen, makes it excellent choice for Indoor pinpoint testing.     Frequency bands: LTE 2100 (Band 1), 1900 (B2), 1800 (B3), AWS 1700/2100 (B4), 850 (B5), 2600 (B7), 900 (B8), 700 (B17), 800 (B20) WCDMA 850 ...

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IP Measurements

IP Measurements Part 1 – Why complete file transfers for throughput measurements won’t work in a HetNet BY CHFRKL ON JUNE 11, 2015 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) In this article series I will explore the topic of IP based measurements, throughput in particular. Across the three planned posts you’ll be able to read about: Two different approaches to ...

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What Is Wi-Fi Calling?

Have you ever found yourself somewhere with no signal or very little coverage, but noticed there was Wi-Fi access? Of course there are lots of places with excellent operator coverage, but we all can agree that there are certain places in  the building, or room in our house, where the coverage is poor. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can get your SMS, Voice and ...

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An Introduction to Ascom’s TEMS VoLTE Solution

Voice over LTE is a complex technology, and maintaining the quality of voice service means getting the deployment right. Issues can result from complex interactions between the device and the radio access and core networks, often involving connections to legacy networks as occurs with SRVCC. Solving them requires tools that can give insight across these domains, and bringing together engineering ...

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The Benefits and Challenges of VoWiFi Calling

The Benefits and Challenges of VoWiFi Calling BY IRINACOTANIS ON MAY 12, 2015 We have experienced for quite some time the offload of mobile data to WiFI. With VoWiFi calling, not only will users save money on international calling while traveling, but they will also experience the benefit of an enhanced call experience with the extension of VoLTE coverage to ...

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Tems Investigation 17 release

Ascom recently released latest version of their Tems Investigation software, It is major release and as such comes with new number 17.   What’s New in TEMS Investigation 17.0 ?   New Supplied Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4  SM-N910F Short notice regarding this device, I suggest you order it from Ascom direct and get 100% certified original Samsung handset, although ...

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Pctel Seegull EX Scanner GSM900/1800,WCDMA900/2100

Dear Colleagues   NEW PRICE !!!   I have put on Ebay one of my Scanners, It is tested and calibrated. If you are interested, please take a look, if not maybe you know someone who might need it, please forward to them.   Pctel Seegull EX Scanner GSM900/1800,WCDMA900/2100 high performance digital scanning receiver, provides the RF measurements ...

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Huawei Completed testing World’s First Uplink CA Field Test

Huawei  Completed testing World’s First Uplink CA Field Test     It has become widely known that Carrier Aggregation on LTE increases dramatically speeds on downlink but now it is also possible on uplink.   [Suzhou, China, February 4, 2015]: China Mobile and Huawei jointly completed the world’s first uplink CA (Carrier Aggregation) field testing and validation using Jiangsu Mobile’s ...

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Aircom Asset Enterprise

Here is a Short introduction to the Aircom Asset Enterprise Software, Aircom was actually acquired by “TEOCO” back in 2013 and is now their product.   As new technologies, such as LTE are adopted, these need to be deployed on top of existing networks. Utilizing as much of the existing network infrastructure by co-siting new cells is the only cost-effective ...

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LTE Analysis and Simulation

Overview LTE (Long Term Evolution) protocol standard is the so called 4G (4th Generation) mobile standard in the rapidly evolving mobile technologies. Its distinguishing feature is an all IP infrastructure and significantly greater air interface bandwidth to the mobile handset. It was developed as an enhancement to the existing 3G UMTS System (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) to provide users enhanced ...

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eCSFB Overview

What is eCSFB?   Enhanced Circuit Switched Fallback (eCSFB) is an LTE to 1xRTT fallback mechanism used to provide voice and other important services like SMS, E911 and Location based services (LBS) to LTE users using a single radio device. eCSFB Architecture Where to activate eCSFB? eCSFB will be activated at sites only where NV LTE and NV CDMA both ...

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