Anite Nemo Handy 2.70 on Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Anite  Finland ™ announced

note5fc3 Carrier Aggregation and Category 9 testing now possible using commercially available devices.



Anite recently  announced that its upcoming versions of Nemo Outdoor, Nemo Handy, and Nemo Walker Air can perform 3 Carrier Aggregation (CA) and Category 9 testing using the latest Samsung flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Critical for the rollout of faster mobile services with new technologies, such as 3 Carrier Aggregation, is the adoption of the technologies in the latest commercial smartphones, This again requires respond to operators’ requirements for immediately being able to test the technology behind the high speeds using the latest and greatest devices. And not only downlink and uplink – it is a must to provide the whole range of radio KPIs, all the way to application-specific parameters demonstrating improved performance. With these two new devices it is now possible.


As it can be seen from Nemo Handy Screesnhots on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 there is hardly any Option left that this Test handset cannot do.

By my opinion, It is undoubtedly most powerfull test handset in this year.

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