Anite Virtual Drive Testing Toolset

Real-world, automated performance testing of devices and network infrastructure in the lab

Leading mobile operators and equipment manufacturers face a growing challenge to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new mobile devices and infrastructure equipped with more features and more technologies including MIMO, Carrier Aggregation and VoLTE. These challenges intensify the need for a future-proof test solution that quickly and efficiently benchmarks mobile devices and network infrastructure to assess an end-user’s experience of accessing mobile applications.

To address these challenges, Anite offers Virtual Drive Testing Toolset, an automated performance and interoperability test solution for cost-effective assessment of mobile devices and network infrastructure in a laboratory environment. The solution uses data captured in the field to build tests that replay drive or indoor test routes by emulating real-world RF network conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. This replay can be performed with real network infrastructure or with a simulated network using the Anite 9000 network simulator. Users are thereby able to cost-effectively verify the end-user quality of experience.


The solution bridges the gap between lab and field testing through seamless real-world representation of the environment, significantly reducing unnecessary field testing and accelerating network rollout. Virtual Drive Testing Toolset integrates sophisticated test automation with industry-leading field and lab test tools, which have the ability to accurately replicate field mobility scenarios.

Its powerful script and device automation capability allows virtual drive test routes to be repeated for different use case scenarios. This enables reliable and cost-effective device benchmarking and resolution of issues found in the field. Virtual Drive Testing Toolset streamlines the performance and interoperability testing process from early R&D lab evaluation through to field testing and optimisation.


Virtual Drive Testing Toolset Video

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