Ascom drive tester mode for TEMS Investigation

Ascom Introduced the drive tester mode for TEMS Investigation 17 release, giving an option to both expert and non-expert users to perform the task of data collection with greater speed, accuracy and reliability.

TEMS Investigation for drive testers Mode streamlines data collection with a custom-built user interface.

Define your test objectives, connect the equipment and and as they claim, Just Drive!

What this mode actually means for Telekom operators is that they can utilize virtually anyone to do drive test for them, even someone who has no experience in RF industry at all.

All is pre installed and set up and involves virtually no intervention from person who is using it.

For the Driver

Speed and Simplicity in the Data Collection Stage

Drive Tester Mode













For the Manager

Planning & Real-time Coordination & Orchestration

Coordinate teams and create test objectives

Coordinate teams_Purple_Icon-01.png

Define preconditions which must be met before testing can start, e.g. specific devices to use.

Plan, store and distribute work instructions


Confidence of using the latest test configurations and reduced risk of errors from manual configuration.

Realtime view of test progress and location

Realtime View_Purple_Icon-01.png

Catch operative issues early on by remotely monitoring the fleet of test equipment.

Proactively help & guide test efforts

Help and Correct_Purple_Web-01.png

Ensure uniform and correct settings while quickly responding to changes in objectives or conditions.









For the Engineer

 Remote Access to Collected Data & Analytics

Drive test KPIs available online

On-Demand RF KPI Reports_Purple_Icon-01.png

Network KPI statistics visualized in near-realtime as the drive progress.

Indoor & Outdoor Environments

Indoor Dashboard_Purple_Icon-01.png

Outdoor and indoor maps with statistics down to 2m binning granulation.

Zero in on data relevant to an issue

One click web_Purple_icon-01.png

Quickly access individual logfiles needed for drill down and troubleshooting of a specific issue.

Provide expertise to projects anywhere

Network KPI Statistics_Purple_Icon-01.png

Remote access to drive test data enables experts to support projects regardless of location.



Main advantages

  • Enable non-experts to perform data collection and free experts to focus on complicated network issues
  • Increase data sharing through the organization
  • Coordinate resources and equipment
  • Shorten the time between data collection to analysis and corrective action
  • Enable key experts to support multiple projects regardless of location by providing online access to measurement results
  • Reduce the number of site visits by finding network faults earlier in the work process


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