Ascom released Tems Pocket 15.4 with some new features.

At the end of 2015 Ascom released latest version of their Android OS based Mobile Network testing application known as “Tems Pocket”.

New version 15.4  Brings few new features in regards to testing capabilities and also in a way to get the Application itself.

Up till this latest release, Tems pocket application could be only bought either with Test handset or downloaded from Ascom if customer already had valid Contract. However now

It is available on Google Market and can be easy downloaded and installed from anywhere in the World.

This can be considered as a smart move from Ascom as now they have opened virtually unlimited market and to existing customers updating to latest version is now super fast and easy.



New test Handsets  added,  Sony Xperia Z5 E6653,Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G9208,Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N9100

New feature in Tems Pocket 15.4:

  • Available Bandwidth testing (Blixt™)  now  testing can be done on device.
  • eMBMS Support ultimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (MBMS) is a standard designed to provide
    efficient delivery of broadcast and multicast services When offered over LTE, it is
    referred to as eMBMS. Target applications include mobile TV and radio broadcasting
    as well as file delivery and emergency alerts.
    TEMS Pocket 15.4 introduces a number of information elements and events reporting
    on eMBMS, including eMBMS bearer activation and deactivation, MCCH presence,
    and PMCH performance metrics.




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