Old Sonyericsson W995 Test Handset Scanner

How many of you recall old SonyEricsson W995 test handset ? Chances are there is no NT technician unfamiliar with this relict handset. It was Flagship model of TEMS Products portfolio and there was a good reason for that. Distinctive feature of this Test handset was   Scanning operation !, handset could act as a 2G  scanner !, CPICH, Network scanner. It …

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New Test handset – Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G9008V

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G9008V   appears same as other Samsung S5 family versions, with difference that it was released to China Mobile operator. Reason for that is really simple, it is covering LTE  TDD bands: (1900/2300/2500/2600MHz) Lte bands used in China.   Now, it is interesting also for some African operators where they also have LTE TDD.   Important is to say that …

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TEMS Investigation 16.3

New Features in TEMS Investigation 16.3 New Connectable Devices: Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T with ODM software Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V with ODM software and firmware version 1.0.3 Franklin Wireless U810 Netgear Aircard 340U WeTelecom M9310A ZTE MF667   On-device FTP, HTTP, and Ping testing TEMS Investigation 16.3 extends its on-device testing repertoire with the FTP, HTTP, and Ping services, all …

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News on LTE CAT 6 Testing

Samsung Note4 N910F Tems pocket sale

As you might Know, some Operators already are implementing LTE CAT 6 infrastructure and hence the need to test and evaluate reliability as well as speeds. As of this moment only one device is capable of making diagnostic reports compatible with Drive Test software. This device is Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and models are;   Samsung Galaxy Note 4SM-N910F -LTE …

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Nemo WindCatcher

A few words on not so “new” product from ANITE. Nemo WindCatcher, formerly known as Xceed Windcatcher changed name recently after Xceed was acquired by Anite Corporation. It is a fairly good Post processing software trying to compete with Actix Analyzer by offering also multi vendor log support. Whereas i can agree  that it is good product, Anite is pitching …

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Huawei Hisilicon LTE data modems in Drive Testing

Huawei E3276 LTE Category 4 USB Dongle   This model provides packet data service of up to 150/50 Mbit/s on LTE networks   Main problem that Technicians encounter when trying to use this dongle with Drive Test software such as Ascom Tems Investigation Is that they are trying to use commercial model of this usb dongle. This will never work …

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Scanners for Mobile Network Testing

There are quite a few Vendors when we are talking on manufacturers of Scanners, but one name you will find more often on the field.   PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI) delivers Performance Critical Telecom solutions. RF Solutions develops and provides test equipment, software and engineering services for wireless networks. Engineers rely upon PCTEL to optimize, visualize, and benchmark wireless networks. Connected Solutions™ designs and delivers performance critical antennas …

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Ascom Tems Pocket 14.3

Statistics Overview in TEMS Pocket 14.3 After a couple of hours of TEMS Pocket walkaround measurements, wouldn’t it be nice to get a quick summary of how the testing went and a thumbnail sketch of service performance? TEMS Pocket 14.3 provides exactly this on its new Statistics Overview screen. It shows, for each type of service (voice, FTP, and so …

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LTE MIMO Cell TX Antenna Balancing video with TEMS Pocket Can you be sure your MIMO antennas are working correctly? A new LTE data view “eNB TX Antenna Difference” in TEMS Pocket indicates the difference in transmit power between the TX antennas of an eNodeB. These measurements can be used to determine in real time if a newly deployed site …

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Hi World !

Welcome to the New Blog ! It will contain news from Mobile Network Testing Vendors.

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