Enhanced PC based Ethernet/IP Test Tool

 Enhanced PC based Ethernet/IP Test Tool . Overview GL’s PacketCheck™ is enhanced with stacked VLAN, MPLS and also with a capability to provide XML reports. It’s a complete PC based Ethernet / IP test tool with BERT, Throughput, Delay, and Impairment testing functions. It is very easy to use as a general-purpose network performance analysis tool for 10Mbps, 100Mbps and …

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Carrier Aggregation in LTE

What is LTE Carrier Aggregation ?   CA permits LTE to achieve the goals mandated by IMT-Advanced while maintaining backward compatibility with Release-8 and 9 LTE. Release-10 CA permits the LTE radio interface to be configured with any number (up to five) carriers, of any bandwidth, including differing bandwidths, in any frequency band. Carrier aggregation can be used for both …

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Infovista Mentum Planet 5.8

InfoVista recently released new version of their planning and optimization  Software known as   Mentum Planet. Version 5.8   Mentum Planet is a wireless network planning & optimization software. The fifth generation of this software platform – was built to address the complex requirements of wireless broadband technologies for operators, equipment vendors, and consulting firms involved in the planning, operation, and optimization of …

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ATOLL , RF Planning & Optimisation Software

Atoll is an open, scalable, and flexible multi-technology network design and optimization platform that supports. wireless operators throughout the network lifecycle, from initial design to densification and optimization The Atoll working environment is both powerful and flexible. It provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and features that allow you to create and define your radio-planning project in a …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 i9506 TEST Handset

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9506 is a TOP of the line in Mobile Network Testing handsets. Main reason for that is that it supports most of 2G,3G.4G,LTE networks in the World,so it can be used in many Regions without need to purchase additional Test handsets. Bands supported. 2G EDGE / GPRS Class 12 / GSM Quad Band (850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz) …

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DAS Systems planning and CW testing

Before you install DAS system in your Building, Stadium or any other object you will want to assess financial costs and in order to do that it is necessary to do some planning and testing.   Daspoint, Company based in the United States, has developed an in-building RF propagation testing system, called Redeye.  The system allows engineers to make traditional …

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In-Building Distribution Antenna Systems

In-building DAS provides an alternative to weakly covered areas, safely distributing coverage and capacity where you need it most. DAS Systems are usually best solution to cover “dark spots” in Convention Centers, Transportation Hubs, Subways, Sports Venues, Hospitals and High-Rise Structures.   In Today’s World loss of signal on your mobile device even for a couple of minutes can be of …

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4302A+ Wireless Test Transmitter

portable transmitter solution emulates a base station signal for field testing with both mobile phones and test receivers in a variety of environments. The test transmitter is an integral tool for many applications including analysis for base station tower site evaluation, propagation model tuning, and indoor coverage enhancement. Support for CW, GSM, and WCDMA protocols covering all appropriate bands. Upgradeable …

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What the hell is ViLTE ? :-)

Video over LTE (ViLTE) is new step in VoLTE, Voice over LTE.   It has started to enter testing phase in some markets. To offer voice and video over an LTE-standard network, operators must migrate from circuit-switched voice to packet voice. This requires an architectural vision that supports voice and short message service (SMS) using the existing third-generation (3G) network, …

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Actix Analyzer, Jack of all Trades

Actix Analyzer is a software application which provides a series of analysis tools for post-processing cellular network data. The tools are designed to address applications such as:   Network performance optimization Feature testing Service validation Problem diagnosis and analysis Network bench-marking Competitive analysis   One of the biggest value of Actix is  capability to load network performance data from many different …

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