ibwave design Enterprise 8.1
ibwave design Enterprise 8.1

Ibwave Design Enterprise 8.1

Ibwave Design Enterprise 8.1

The iBwave Design application is the most comprehensive software available for automated network design planning. Users can streamline the process of data collection, component selection, cost evaluation, design, validation, documentation, reporting and more. Significantly reduce the time spent on
manual field work and increase cost savings

ibwave design Enterprise 8.1
ibwave design Enterprise 8.1

Release Enhancements – version 8.1

  • Multiple dongles to allow simultaneous survey collection for Wi-Fi surveys.
  • Enhanced startup page that includes task-oriented videos.

    Previous Release Enhancements – Version 8.0


    • Enhanced capacity modeling and new support for capacity with Wi-Fi technologies.
    • Improved capacity requirements and user profiling for Small Cells and Wi-Fi deployments.
    • Traffic definition per capacity zones.
    • Improved Capacity output map that includes equipment capacity.
    • New Average Downlink Data Rate output map
    • Capacity map included in compliance report.

Wi-Fi Survey Collection

  • Collect parallel readings of Active and Passive Wi-Fi survey collection by means of external multiple NIC cards.
  • Export Mobile data to local .IBWM file similar to .IBWC.

Dynamic fiber cable modeling

  • Vendor-specific fiber cable dynamic modeling.
  • New dynamic fiber cable validation.
  • Database update with dynamic model and templates.
  • Support automatic cable replacement for fiber cables.
  • Enhanced support for duplex configuration for PON.

New supported technologies

  • Support and model GPS technology and band and updated database with components supporting GPS.
  • Support for LoRa
  • Ultra Wideband support
  • P25 modulation for public safety and support for 4.9 GHz (802.11y) public safety WLAN.
  • Support LTE TDD for improved accuracy of Maximum Achievable Data Rate maps
  • Support Australia 850 MHz Frequency band.
  • Updated Frequency Converter.


  • New compass legend to reference true north on floor plan
  • Support virtual machine deployment
  • Automatically generate the floor plan for new projects.


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