An Introduction to Ascom’s TEMS VoLTE Solution

Voice over LTE is a complex technology, and maintaining the quality of voice service means getting the deployment right.

Issues can result from complex interactions between the device and the radio access and core networks, often involving connections to legacy networks as occurs with SRVCC. Solving them requires tools that can give insight across these domains, and bringing together engineering teams that may never have had to work so closely together before.

Ascom’s support for a successful VoLTE launch is comprehensive, based on our experience in current deployments world-wide.

Our RF portfolio tests end-to-end, from the device, to ensure you are optimizing for the true subscriber experience, and brings the quality and depth of technology expertise that has made the TEMS™ measurement and analytics portfolio the world-wide standard for over 20 years.

Within the IMS Core, we offer a new software-based solution for both functional and load testing that offers both a faster set-up time and a significantly lower cost than the traditional approach. After launch, the baseline you establish during deployment enables continued assurance of service performance and competitive benchmarking using the same TEMS™ portfolio of tools, with our expertise on-hand to continue to support.


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