Rohde&Schwarz SwissQual QualiPoc Android

QualiPoc Android

is a multi-functional smartphone-based tool for voice and data service quality troubleshooting and RF optimization.

QualiPoc is based on the latest commercial Android smartphones. It supports all mobile network technologies used worldwide, and covers multiple protocol layers as well as the IP stack in real-time. QualiPoc Android provides extensive test functions for voice,  including MOS, data, video streaming, and messaging tests to assess and reflect the real end-user experience QoS/QoE within a mobile network.

QualiPoc application is supported on a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 (Exynos 7420 chip set), HTC, LG, and Sony Xperia products. New Android smartphone models are continuously integrated into the QualiPoc platform.


QualiPoc Android not only offers a comprehensive set of RF optimization features but also the full range of audio and video quality assessment tools. Voice quality testing algorithms, such as P.863 (POLQA) and SQuad, allows the user to easily evaluate quality of services on voice calls according to the latest ITU-T standards, including HD audio quality.


The basis for video-MOS prediction is the recently approved J.343.1 “RS-T-VModel”, a model developed by SwissQual/Rohde&Schwarz in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.The new Video-MOS for YouTube feature is now available in SwissQual’s QualiPoc Android handheld troubleshooter.


The algorithm defined in J.343.1 simultaneously analyzes the incoming bitstream at the video client and observes the resulting video. A video quality score is estimated based on the information taken from the bitstream such as the size of a compressed frame and the visual impression of the decoded and displayed video frame and its temporal flow.

J.343.1 is a so-called no-reference method as it analyzes the received video without requiring information about the input video on the server side. This makes J.343.1 very flexible; it can also be used for live TV or video telephony applications. In addition, this method is specially designed for encrypted bitstreams without access to the payload as it is for YouTube’s encrypted communication.

Finally, contrary to previous video quality measures, J.343.1 is not limited to one video resolution; it can score any resolution up to 1080p HD content.

The evaluation of YouTube video streams is the first application of the new algorithm in SwissQual products. It arrives just in time to cover the variable bitrates and resolutions that are currently implemented by YouTube. The lean model is perfectly tailored for the use on smartphones.

By introducing this new video-MOS for YouTube video streaming to QualiPoc Android, SwissQual emphasizes and proves its leadership in applied research and Android development. As a result, already today, SwissQual customers can efficiently manage the latest technology trends.


Among main rivals in field of Mobile networks testing,  Rohde&Schwarz Swissqual Qualipoc has one important advantage ! and that is OTA update of application.

This means that whenever they release new version it is automatically downloaded to the test handset and auto updated without need to buy new license.

Also,  function of “Forcing” handset to lock to specific Technology like LTE works extremely fast ! virtually instantly which is more than we can say for similar 

applications from competition Vendors.

Here are few screenshots from Qualipoc running on Samsung Galaxy S4  i9506




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